Volume 10.1

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"Jacques Derrida on Rhetoric and Composition: A Conversation" by Gary A. Olson

"Electrifying Classical Rhetoric: Ancient Media, Modern Technology, and Contemporary Composition" by Kathleen E. Welch

"Defining Rhetoric—and Us" by Richard M. Coe

"Reflections on A Pragmatic Theory of Rhetoric" by Timothy W. Crusius

"The Writer's Stance: An Exploration of Context in Invention and Critical Thinking"
by Susan M. Hubbuch

"Why Don't We Write What We Teach? And Publish It?" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"Tropics of Arrangement: A Theory of Dispositio" by Frank J. D'Angelo

"Motives, Metaphors, and Messages in Critical Receptions of Experimental Research: A Comment with Postscript" by John Frederick Reynolds

"Beyond Triangulation: Ethnography, Writing, and Rhetoric" by Michael Kleine

"From Simple to Complex: Ideas of Order in Assignment Sequences" by Elizabeth Rankin

"Advanced Exposition: A Survey of Patterns and Problems"
by Ronald C. Shumaker, Larry Dennis, Lois Green

Response Essays

"Response to the JAC Interview with Richard Rorty" by Kenneth A. Bruffee

"On Personally Constructing 'Social Construction': A Response to Richard Rorty" by John Schilb

"Hurling Epithets at the Devils You Know: A Response to Carol Berkenkotter" by David Foster

"The Ideology of 'Epistemological Ecumenicalism': A Response to Carol Berkenkotter"
by John Schilb


"A Teacher's Introduction to Deconstruction by Sharon Crowley" by Jasper Neel

"The Legacy of Kenneth Burke by Herbert W. Simons and Trevor Melia, eds."
by Timothy W. Crusius

"Writing and Response: Theory, Practice, and Research by Chris M. Anson, ed."
by Reed Way Dasenbrock

"Developing Successful College Writing Programs by Edward M. White" by William E. Smith

"Writing in the Business Professions by Myra Kogen, ed." by John Hagge

"Solving Problems in Technical Writing by Lynn Beene and Peter White, eds." by Debra Journet

"Critical Perspectives on Computers and Composition Instruction by Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe, eds." by Hugh Burns

"Word Processing in a Community of Writers by John Elder, et al." by Gail E. Hawisher

"Rethinking Writing by Peshe C. Kuriloff" by Dene Kay Thomas

"Patterns Across the Disciplines by Stuart Hirschberg" by Irene Lurkis Clark

"Viewpoints: Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About by W. Royce Adams"
by Nancy J. Tyson

"Arguments and Analysis: Reading, Thinking, Writing by Lynn Dianne Beene and Krystan Douglas" by Marie J. Secor

"Clear and Effective Legal Writing by Vedra R. Charrow and Myra K. Erhardt" by Fredric Gale

"Writing Well for the Technical Professions by Anne Eisenberg, and Components of Technical Writing by Susan Feinberg" by Nell Anne Pickett

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