Volume 11.2

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"The Social Scientist As Author: Clifford Geertz on Ethnography and Social Construction"
by Gary A. Olson

"Why the Wyoming Resolution Had to Be Emasculated: A History and a Quixotism"
by James Sledd

"Writing in the Graduate Curriculum: Literary Criticism as Composition" by Patricia A. Sullivan

"Brecht and His Friends: Writing as Critique" by Amitava Kumar

"Professing Literacy: A Review Essay" by Patricia Bizzell

"The Recent Rise of Literary Nonfiction: A Cautionary Assay" by Douglas Hesse

"Imitate Me; Don't Imitate Me: Mimeticism in David Bartholomae's 'Inventing the University'"
by Richard Boyd

"Reading for Points and Purposes" by Thomas Huckin and Linda Flower

"Peter Elbow, Kenneth Burke, and the Idea of Magic" by John C. Briggs

"The Agon Over What 'Composition Research' Means" by Phillip Arrington

"Social Cognition, Emotions, and the Psychology of Writing" by Alice Brand

"Habermas' Varieties of Communicative Action: Controversy Without Combat"
by Patricia Roberts

Response Essays

"Language and the Facilitation of Authority: The Discourse of Noam Chomsky"
by Robert de Beaugrande

"Response to 'Language, Politics, and Composition: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky'"
by James Sledd

"Defining Affect in Relation to Cognition: A Response to Susan McLeod"
by Kristie S. Fleckenstein

"Reply to Kristie Fleckenstein" by Susan H. McLeod


"Oral and Written Communication: Historical Approaches by Richard Leo Enos, ed."
by Gary Tate

"Genre Analysis: English in Academic and Research Settings by John M. Swales"
by Richard Marius

"Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition by Susan Miller" by Michael Feehan

"Richards on Rhetoric: I. A. Richards, Selected Essays (1929–1974) by Ann E. Berthoff, ed."
by Stuart C. Brown

"Singular Texts/Plural Authors: Perspectives on Collaborative Writing by Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford" by Virginia Allen

"On Literacy and Its Teaching: Issues in English Education by Gail E. Hawisher and Anna O. Soter, eds." by Christopher C. Burnham

"Rhetoric in American Colleges, 1850–1900 by Albert R. Kitzhaber" by Kerri K. Morris

"A Sense of Audience in Written Communication by Gesa Kirsch and Duane H. Roen, eds."
by Douglas B. Park

"The Writing Teacher as Researcher by Donald A. Daiker and Max Morenberg, eds."
by Michael Flanigan

"Forms of Wondering: A Dialogue on Writing, for Writers by William A. Covino"
by Elizabeth Giddens

"Second Language Writing: Research Insights for the Classroom by Barbara Kroll, ed. "
by Emily Carlson Ware

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