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Special Issue: Philosophy and Composition Theory

"Language Philosophy, Writing, and Reading: A Conversation with Donald Davidson"
by Thomas Kent

"The Myths of the Subjective and of the Subject in Composition Studies"
by Reed Way Dasenbrock

"Articulation Theory and the Problem of Determination: A Reading of Lives on the Boundary"
by John Trimbur

"The Uses of Binary Thinking" by Peter Elbow

"The Dialectic Suppression of Feminist Thought in Radical Pedagogy" by Robert G. Wood

"Writing and Truth: The Decline of Expertise and the Rebirth of Philosophy" by Kurt Spellmeyer

"Against Relativism: Restoring Truth in Writing" by Barbara Couture

"Feminist Philosophy and Some Humanists' Attitudes Toward the Teaching of Writing"
by David Bleich

"Isocrates and the Epistemic Return: Individual and Community in Classical and Modern Rhetoric" by Frank D. Walters

"Vygotsky, Dewey, and Externalism: Beyond the Student/Discipline Dichotomy"
by David R. Russell

"Composition, Philosophy, and Rhetoric: The 'Problem of Power'" by David Sebberson

"Toward a Hermeneutic Model of Composition History: Robert Carlsen's ''The State of the Profession 1961—1962'" by Margaret M. Strain

Response Essays

"A Response to 'Fish Tales: A Conversation with 'The Contemporary Sophist'" by Patricia Bizzell

"'Fish Tales' and the Politics of Anti-Professionalism" by John Trimbur

"Don't Know Much about Automobiles: Fish's Anti-Theory Theory" by Fredric G. Gale

"A Response to 'The History of Composition: Reclaiming Our Lost Generations'"
by Janice M. Lauer

"A Reply to Janice Lauer" by Robin Varnum


"Constructing Rhetorical Education by Marie Secor and Davida Charney, eds."
by Richard L. Larson

"Gender Issues in the Teaching of English by Nancy Mellin McCracken and Bruce C. Appleby, eds." by Catherine Hobbs Peaden

"Metaphor and Reason in Judicial Opinions by Haig Bosmajian" by Fredric G. Gale

"Reading as Rhetorical Invention: Knowledge, Persuasion, and the Teaching of Research-Based Writing by Doug Brent" by Edward Schiappa

"A Teacher's Introduction to Philosophical Hermeneutics by Timothy W. Crusius"
by Mark Thompson

"Ecospeak: Rhetoric and Environmental Politics in America by M. Jimmie Killingsworth and Jacqueline S. Palmer" by Sidney I. Dobrin

"Aristotle on Rhetoric: A Theory of Civic Discourse by George A. Kennedy" by Fred Reynolds

"The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing by Robert Connors and Cheryl Glenn"
by Robert L. McDonald

"Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings by John D. Ramage and John C. Bean"
by J. Blake Scott

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