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"Literary Theory, Philosophy of Science, and Persuasive Discourse: Thoughts from a Neo-premodernist" by Gary A. Olson

"Nietzsche in Basel: Writing Reading" by J. Hillis Miller

"A Postmodern Critique of the Modern Projects of Fredric Jameson and Patricia Bizzell"
by Nancy McKoski

"After Progressiveism: Modern Composition, Institutional Service, and Cultural Studies"
by Michael Murphy

"Articulating a Hermeneutic Pedagogy: The Philosophy of Interpretation" by Peter Sotirou

"Control and the Cyborg: Writing and Being Written in Hypertext" by Johndan Johnson-Eilola

"Burkean Tropes and Kuhnian Science: A Social Constructionist Perspective on Language and Reality" by Edward Schiappa

"Discourse Analysis and Literary Theory: Closing the Gap" by Robert de Beaugrande

"Postcards from the Edge" by Jane Tompkins

"Twin Peaks and the Look of Television: Visual Literacy in the Writing Class"
by Diane Shoos, Diana George, Joseph Comprone

"How to Read a Book: Reflections on the Ethics of Book Reviewing" by Mark Wiley

"One Student's Many Voices: Reading, Writing, and Responding with Bakhtin" by Nancy Welch

"Writing Is/And Therapy?: Raising Questions about Writing Classrooms and Writing Program Administration" by Wendy Bishop

Response Essays

"The Malaprop in Spite of Herself: A Seperate Reading of Donald Davidson" by Susan Wells

"A Response to 'Language Philosophy, Writing, and Reading: A Conversation with Donald Davidson'" by Reed Way Dasenbrock

"Building a Rose Garden: A Response to John Trimbur" by Mark Wiley


"Nineteenth-Century Scottish Rhetoric: The American Connection by Winifred Bryan Horner"
by Nan Johnson

"The Philosophy of Discourse: The Rhetorical Turn in Twentieth-Century Thought by Chip Sills and George H. Jensen, eds." by Ellen Quandahl

"Writing, Teaching, and Learning in the Disciplines by Anne Herrington and Charles Moran, eds." by Cynthia Haynes-Burton

"Audience and Rhetoric by James E. Porter" by Kristin R. Woolever

"Gaining Ground in College Writing: Tales of Development and Interpretation by Richard H. Haswell" by David Coogan

"Reading Empirical Research Studies: The Rhetoric of Research by John R. Hayes et al., eds."
by Peter Smagorinsky

"Methods and Methodology in Composition Research by Gesa Kirsch and Patricia A. Sullivan, eds." by Carol Berkenkotter

"Word Perfect: Literacy in the Computer Age by Myron C. Tuman" by Joel Nydahl

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