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Guest Editor: David Bleich

"bell hooks and the Politics of Literacy: a Conversation" by Gary A. Olson

"Rabbit Trails, Ephemera, and Other Stories: Feminist Methodology and Collaborative Research" by Rebecca E. Burnett and Helen Rothschild Ewald

"Collaboration as Political Action" by Elizabeth Ervin and Dana L. Fox

"Dewey and the 'Cult of Efficiency': Competing Ideologies in Collaborative Pedagogies of the 1920s" by Mara Holt

"An Historical Perspective on Collaborative Learning" by Lynée Lewis Gaillet

"Collaboration as Reflexive Dialogue: A Knowing 'Deeper Than Reason'"
by Donna Qualley and Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater

"Collaboration, Critical Pedagogy, and Struggles Over Difference"
by Amy Goodburn and Beth Ina

"Collaborative Role-Play and Negotiation: A Cross-Disciplinary Endeavor"
by Thia Wolf, Lauren Wright and Tom Imhoff

"Peer Response in the Multicultural Composition Classroom: Dissensus—A Dream (Deferred)"
by Carrie Shively Leverenz

"The Collaborative Classroom as a Site of Difference"
by Julia M. Gergits and James J. Schramer

"Women as Emergent Leaders in Student Collaborative Writing Groups" by Meg Morgan

"Finding Voice through Computer Communication: A New Venue for Collaboration"
by Marion H. Fey

"Moving Out, Moving Up: Beyond the Basement and Ivory Tower"
by Janine Rider and Esther Broughton

Response Essays

"'The Good Man Speaking Well,' or Business as Usual" by Arabella Lyon

"Novissimum Organum: Phronesis on the Rebound" by C. Jan Swearingen

"Are Shared Discourses Desirable? A Response to Nancy McKoski" by Patricia Bizzell

"Piaget's Structuralism: A Response to David Russell" by C. David Brell

"Piaget's Structuralism: A Reply" by David R. Russell

"A Response to Jane Tompkins" by Helen Rothschild Ewald


"Fragments of Rationality: Postmodernity and the Subject of Composition by Lester Faigley"
by David Bleich

"A Rhetoric of Doing: Essays on Written Discourse in Honor of James L. Kinneavy by Stephen P. Witte, Neil Nakadate, and Roger D. Cherry, eds." by Thomas Miller

"Critical Teaching and the Idea of Literacy by C.H. Knoblauch and Lil Brannon"
by David Metzger

"Academic Literacies: The Public and Private Discourse of University Students by Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater, and Academic Discourse and Critical Consciousness by Patricia Bizzell"
by Gesa E. Kirsch

"Learning from the Histories of Rhetoric: Essays in Honor of Winifred Bryan Horner by Theresa Enos, ed." by Robert L. McDonald

"The Insistence of the Letter: Literacy Studies and Curriculum Theorizing by Bill Green, ed."
by Jay David Bolter

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