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"Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, and the Future of Critical Theory: A Conversation with J. Hillis Miller"
by Gary A. Olson

"Slacking Off: Border Youth and Postmodern Education" by Henry A. Giroux

"Rhetoric and Hermeneutics: Composition, Invention, and Literature" by George L. Pullman

"Re-Fusing the Edifice: Postmodernism and the Reconstuction of English Studies"
by Gordon A. Grant III

"The Anthropological Sleep of Composition" by Ellen Quandahl

"When Learning is Not Enough: Writing Across the Curriculum and the (Re)turn to Rhetoric"
by Janice H. Peritz

"Conversing Across Cultural Boundaries: Rewriting 'Self'" by Xin Liu Gale

"The Signifying Monkey Revisited: Vernacular Discourse and African American Personal Narratives" by Kermit E. Campbell

"Values in Doing and Writing Science: The Case of Barbara McClintock" by Mary Rosner

"Resisting Traditions in Composing Composition" by Bruce Horner

"The Bewitching of Composition: Metaphors of our Discipline"
by Dana Gulling Mead and Kerri K. Morris

"Dialogic Learning Across Disciplines" by Marilyn M. Cooper

"Pigs, Squeals and Cow Manure; or Power, Language and Multicultural Democracy"
by Andrew E. Sledd

Response Essays

"bell hooks on Literacy and Teaching: A Response" by Joyce Irene Middleton

"Literacy and Activism: A Response to bell hooks" by Tom Fox

"Speech-Acts, Conventions, and Voice: Challenges to a Davidsonian Conception of Writing"
by Thomas G. O'Donnell

"A Reply to Thomas G. O'Donnell" by Reed Way Dasenbrock

"David Bleich and the Politics of Anti-Intellectualism: A Response" by Raúl Sánchez, Jr.

Special Cluster in Memory of James A. Berlin

"Memories of Jim Berlin" by Janice M. Lauer

"To Jim" by John Trimbur

"Jim Berlin and A Pedagogy of Change" by Debra L. Jacobs

"'Yours for the Revolution (probably Pepsi, but never mind)'" by Lester Faigley


"On Book Reviews and Their Editing: Some Parting Comments and Concerns" by Fred Reynolds

"Gender Influences: Reading Student Texts by Donnalee Rubin, and Women Writing in the Academy: Audience, Authority, and Transformation by Gesa E. Kirsch" by Mark Thompson

"Things, Thoughts, Words, and Actions: The Problem of Language in Late Eighteenth-Century British Rhetorical Theory by H. Lewis Ulman" by Edward Jacobs

"Rhetorical Memory and Delivery: Classical Concepts for Contemporary Composition and Communication by John Frederick Reynolds, ed." by Richard Leo Enos

"Writing in the Workplace: New Research Perspectives by Rachel Spillka, ed."
by Joyce N. Magnotto

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