Volume 15.2

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"Starting from Marginalized Lives: A Conversation with Sandra Harding"
by Elizabeth Hirsh and Gary A. Olson

"Composition's Ethic of Service, the Universal Requirement, and the Discourse of Student Need"
by Sharon Crowley

"Research, Expressivism, and Silence" by Matthew Wilson

"Antithetical Ethics: Kenneth Burke and the Constitution" by Virginia Anderson

"The Things That Go Without Saying in Composition Studies: A Colloqui"
by Linda K. Shamoon and Robert A. Schwegler


"A Feminist Sophistic?" by Victor J. Vitanza

Response Essays

"Encounters with Jane Tompkins" by Susan C. Jarratt

"Lit/Comp: A Response to Jane Tompkins" by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"A Pragmatist Response to Joseph Petraglia" by Omar Swartz

"A Realist Reply to 'A Pragmatist Response'" by Joseph Petraglia

"Appealing to Philosophy in Composition Studies" by Daniel J. Royer

"Reply to Daniel J. Royer, 'Appealing to Philosophy in Composition Studies'" by David W. Smit


"Thinking Through Theory: Vygotskian Perspectives on the Teaching of Writing by James Thomas Zebroski" by Jerry Mirskin

"Approaches to Computer Writing Classrooms: Learning from Practical Experience by Linda Myers" by Todd Taylor

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