Volume 15.3

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"Resisting a Discourse of Mastery: A Conversation with Jean-François Lyotard"
by Gary A. Olson

"Critical Theory and Systemic Linguistics: Textualizing the Contact Zone" by Francis J. Sullivan

"The Literary Text and the Writing Classroom" by Wendy Bishop

"Functional Redundancy and Ellipsis as Strategies in Reading and Writing" by Keith Grant-Davie

"Increasing Response-ability Through Mortification: A Burkean Perspective on Teaching Writing"
by Michael Hassett

"Toward a Postmodern Pedagogy of Imitation" by Mary Minock

"I'm OK, You're (Not) OK: Teaching in a World of Relativism" by Phyllis Mentzell Ryder

"Imagining Reasons: The Role of the Imagination in Argumentation"
by Patricia Roberts and Virginia Pompei Jones


"Godless Composition, Tormented Writing" by Geoffrey Sirc

Response Essays

"Romancing the Stones: My Movie Date with Sandra Harding" by Lynn Worsham

"Who's Sandra Harding? Where's She Standing?" by Arabella Lyon and Mary Conway


"Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom by Gary A. Olson and Sidney I. Dobrin, eds." by Maureen M. Hourigan

"Political Literacy: Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice by Fredric G. Gale"
by Raúl Sánchez

"Writing About Business and Industry by Beverly E. Schneller, ed.; Professional Writing in Context: Lessons from Teaching and Consulting in the Worlds of Work by John Frederick Reynolds et. al" by Anthony DiRenzo

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