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"'Je-Luce Irigaray': A Meeting with Luce Irigaray" by Elizabeth Hirsh and Gary A. Olson
(trans. by Elizabeth Hirsh and Gaëtan Brulotte)

"Telling Stories, Speaking Personally: Reconsidering the Place of Lived Experience in Composition" by Daniel Mahala and Jody Swilky

"WAC as Critical Pedagogy: The Third Stage?" by Donna LeCourt

"Rereading 'Invoked' and 'Addressed' Readers Through a Social Lens: Toward a Recognition of Multiple Audiences" by Mary Jo Reiff

"The Writing Crisis in Urban Schools: A Culturally Different Hypothesis" by Gerald R. Washington

"From Disciplining to Discipline: A Foucauldian Examination of the Formation of English as a School Subject" by Kathryn R. Fitzgerald

"Tactics and the Quotidian: Resistance and Professional Discourse" by Carl G. Herndl


"Fredric Jameson and Composition Studies" by Patricia Bizzell

Response Essays

"What's Epistemology Got To Do With It?: A Response to Phyllis Mentzell Ryder"
by Tom O'Donnell

"Putting 'it' in Context: Diversity in Composition Classes" by Phyllis Mentzell Ryder

"Imitation and Composition Pedagogy: A Response to Mary Minock" by Phillip K. Arrington

"Imitation Pedagogy: Postmodernist or No, A Response to Phillip Arrington" by Mary Minock

Review Essays

"Bankrupt Education: The Decline of Liberal Education in Canada by Peter C. Emberley and Waller R. Newell"; "Harmonious Perfection: The Development of English Studies in Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Canadian Colleges by Henry A. Hubert"; "Writing Instruction in Canadian Universities by Roger Graves" by Kevin Brooks


"Discourse Studies in Honor of James L. Kinneavy by Rosalind J. Gabin, ed."
by James C. McDonald

"Between the Lines: Relating Composition Theory and Literary Theory by John Schilb"
by Richard Penticoff

"Reconceiving Writing, Rethinking Writing Instruction by Joseph Petraglia, ed."
by Susan Malone Bunch

"Teachers, Discourses, and Authority in the Postmodern Composition Classroom by Xin Liu Gale" by Andrea Greenbaum

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