Volume 17.1

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"A Conversation with Gerald Graff and Ira Shor" by Nancy Buffington and Clyde Moneyhun

"Meditations upon Hypertext: A Rhetorethics for Cyborgs" by Pamela K. Gilbert

"Catching up with Professor Nate: The Problem with Sociolinguistics in Composition Research"
by Catherine Prendergast

"'The Stranger' in Communication: Race, Class, and Conflict in a Basic Writing Class"
by Xin Liu Gale

"Beyond Dichotomy: Toward a Theory of Divergence in Composition Studies"
by Anis S. Bawarshi

"Bakhtin at Home and Abroad" by Tatyana Yakhontova

"Knowledge and Power, Logic and Rhetoric, and Other Reflections in the Toulmin Mirror: A Critical Consideration of Stephen Toulmin's Contributions to Composition"
by Christopher Schroeder


"Women Writing Culture by Gary A. Olson and Elizabeth Hirsh, eds." by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"Toward a Feminist Rhetoric: The Writing of Gertrude Buck by JoAnn Campbell, ed."
by Virginia Allen

"Eloquent Dissent: The Writings of James Sledd by Richard D. Freed, ed."
by James C. McDonald

"Working Theory: Critical Composition Studies for Students and Teachers by Judith Goleman"
by Julie Drew

"Textual Intervention: Critical and Creative Strategies for Literary Studies by Rob Pope"
by David E. Stacey

"Left Margins: Cultural Studies and Composition Pedagogy by Karen Fitts and Alan W. France eds." by Thomas West

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