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In Memory of Paulo Freire

"A Bit of My Life with Paulo Freire" by Ana Maria Araújo Freire (trans. Alex Oliveira)

"Remembering Paulo Freire" by Ann Berthoff

"Remembering Paulo Freire" by Henry A. Giroux

"Paulo Freire Remembered" by Donaldo Macedo

"Education is Politics: A Farewell to Paulo" by Ira Shor

"Paulo Freire: Reading the World" by Frei Beto (trans. Alex Oliveira)

"Paulo Freire and What Education Can Do" by Patricia Bizzell

"Paulo Freire in Context" by Gary A. Olson


"Community and Cohesion in the Writing/Reading Classroom" by David Foster

"Interaction Across the Curriculum" by Elizabeth A. Flynn, Kathryn Remlinger, William Bulleit

"How Democratic Can We Get? The Internet, the Public Sphere, and Public Discourse"
by Irene Ward

"Social-Process Rhetorical Inquiry: Cultural Studies Methodologies for Critical Writing about Advertisements" by Bruce McComiskey

"Nature/Writing: Literature, Ecology, and Composition" by Randall Roorda

"Resistance and the Writing Teacher" by Eric Miraglia

"Revision Hope: Writing Disruption in Composition Studies" by Julie Jung

"The Role of Reading in the Composition Classroom" by Nancy Morrow

"A Third Voice: The Heterophonic Blend of Culture and Psyche" by Kristie S. Fleckenstein

Jim Berlin's Last Work: Future Perfect, Tense

"Remembering Writing Pedagogy" by Linda Brodkey

"Rhetorics, Poetics and Cultures as an Articulation Project" by Patricia Harkin

"Technologies of Self?-Formation" by Susan Miller

"Berlin's Citizen and First World Rhetoric" by John Trimbur

"Aesthetics, Party Lines" by Victor J. Vitanza

Response Essays

"On Different Ground: A Response to Michael Eric Dyson" by Malea Powell


"The Origins of Composition Studies in the American College, 1875–1925: A Documentary History by John C. Brereton, ed." by Richard A. Miller

"Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition by Gary A. Olson and Todd W. Taylor, eds. "
by Lynn Worsham

"A Teaching Subject: Composition Since 1966 by Joseph Harris" by Nedra Reynolds

"When Students Have Power: Negotiating Authority in a Critical Pedagogy by Ira Shor"
by Joe Marshall Hardin

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