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Special Issue on Exploring Borderlands: Postcolonial and Composition Studies

"Toward a Mestiza Rhetoric: Gloria Anzaldúa on Composition and Postcoloniality"
by Andrea Lunsford

"Terms of Engagement: Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, and Composition Studies"
by Deepika Bahri

"Encountering the Other: Postcolonial Theory and Composition Scholarship"
by Gary A. Olson

"Beside Ourselves: Rhetoric and Representation in Postcolonial Feminist Writing"
by Susan C. Jarratt

"Rhetoric at the End of History: Postcolonial Theory and Writing Histories of Rhetoric"
by Richard Marback

"Sentence Fragments: Elements of Style, Postcolonial Edition" by Alan Wright

"Writing Trauma, History, Story: The Class(room) as Borderland" by Daphnae Read

"Tejano Arts of the U.S.-Mexico Contact Zone " by Jaime Armin Mejía

"'I Don't Identify With the Text': Exploring the Boundaries of Personal/Cultural in a Postcolonial Pedagogy" by Vandana S. Gavaskar

"Among the Composition People: The WPA as English Department Agent" by Jeanne Gunner

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