Volume 19.1

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"Hegemony and the Future of Democracy: Ernesto Laclau's Political Philosophy"
by Lynn Worsham and Gary A. Olson

"Real World Writing Assignments" by Joseph F. Trimmer

"What is it That the Audience Wants? Or, Notes Toward a Listening with a Transgendered Ear for (Mis)Understanding" by Michelle Ballif

"Realizing the Integrity of English Studies: An Ethos of Commitment" by Colleen Connolly

"Genre Time/Space: Chronotopic Strategies in the Experimental Article" by Catherine F. Schryer

"The Pedagogical Dissemination of a Genre: The Resume in American Business Discourse Textbooks, 1914–1939" by Randall Popken

"No Apology: Challenging the 'Uselessness' of Creative Writing" by Nancy Welch

Response Essays

"A Language of Possibility: A Response to Homi Bhabha" by Joe Marshall Hardin

"Making the Political More Pedagogical: Reading Homi Bhabha"
by Susan Searls Giroux and Henry A. Giroux


"Failing the Future: A Dean Looks at Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century by Annette Kolodyny" by Eileen E. Schell

"Computers and the Teaching of Writing in American Higher Education, 1979–1994: A History by Gail E. Hawisher, Paul LeBlanc, Charles Moran, and Cynthia L. Selfe, eds." by Todd W. Taylor

"Assuming the Positions: Cultural Pedagogy and the Politics of Commonplace Writing by Susan Miller" by Kathryn T. Flannery

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