Volume 19.2

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"Rethinking Political Community: Chantal Mouffe's Liberal Socialism"
by Lynn Worsham and Gary A. Olson

"English Studies, Aestheticism, and the Art-Culture System" by Joe Marshall Hardin

"Composing the Eco Wars: Towards a Literacy of Resistance" by Stephen G. Brown

"Rethinking Negotiation in Composition Studies" by Thomas West and Gary A. Olson

"Making Room, Writing Hypertext" by Collin Gifford Brooke

"I/i: Feminist Postcolonial Studies and Cultural Studies Composition" by Claire L. Alexander

Response Essays

"The Problem of Post-Marxism: Radical Democracy and Class Struggle" by John Trimbur

"The Politics of Persuading: Ernesto Laclau and the Question of Discursive Force" by Julie Drew

Review Essays

"Toward Hopeful Action: On Reclaiming Pragmatism and Romanticism" by Thomas Deans

"What Shall Be Done? English Departments and the Academy in the 21st Century"
by Stanley Corkin and Phylis Frus


"Feminism and Composition Studies: In Other Words by Susan C. Jarratt and Lynn Worsham, eds." by Krista Ratcliffe

"Intimate Practices: Literacy and Cultural Work in U.S. Women's Clubs, 1880–1920 by Anne Ruggles Gere" by Peter Mortensen

"Getting Restless: Rethinking Revision in Writing Instruction by Nancy Welch" by Collen Connolly

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