Volume 20.2

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"Confessions of an Anacoluthon: Avital Ronell on Writing, Technology, Pedagogy, Politics"
by D. Diane Davis

"Agency and the Death of the Author: A Partial Defense of Modernism" by John Trimbur

"Where the Action Is: Doing Versus Being in the Academy" by W. Ross Winterowd

"Race, Rhetoric, and the Contest over Civic Education" by Susan Searis Giroux
(unavailable online)

"Visual Auto/biography, Hysteria, and the Pedagogical Performance of the 'Real'"
by Wendy S. Hesford

"Service Learning and Public Discourse" by Bruce Herzberg

Response Essays

"To His Nibs, G. Douglas Atkins—Just in Case You're Serious about Your Not-So-Modest Proposal" by Cynthia L. Selfe

"Art and Anger—Upon Taking up the Pen Again: On Self(e)-Expression" by G. Douglas Atkins

"Investigating 'Whiteness,' Eavesdropping on 'Race'" by AnaLouise Keating

"Kris, I Hear You" by Joyce Irene Middleton

"Choice and the Contradictions of Identity Politics: A Reply to Pat McGann" by Sue Hum

"Working the In-Between Ever More Consciously: A Reply to Sue Hum" by Patrick McGann

"The Struggle over Composition and the Question of Might: A Response to Gary Olson"
by Tim Mayers

"Struggling over Composition" by Gary A. Olson


"Academic Keywords: A Devil's Dictionary for Higher Education by Cary Nelson and Stephen Watt" by Sharon Crowley

"Words in the Wilderness: Critical Literacy in the Borderlands by Stephen Gilbert Brown"
by Richard Marback

"The Young Composers: Composition's Beginnings in Nineteenth-Century Schools by Lucille M. Shultz" by Katherine H. Adams

"After Rhetoric: The Study of Discourse Beyond Language and Culture by Stephen R. Yarbrough" by Reed Way Dasenbrock

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