Volume 20.3

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Special Cluster in Memory of Robert J. Connors

"In Memoriam: Robert J. Connors, 1951–2000" by Patricia A. Sullivan

"Remembering Dr. Bob" by David Edwards

"Remembering Bob Connors" by Andrea Abernethy Lunsford and Lisa Ede

"Remembering Bob" by Cheryl Glenn

"Canonical Bob" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"Masculinity, Feminism, and Motorcycles: Memorial Reflections" by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"Struggling with Manhood: Remembering Robert Connors" by Patrick McGann

"Saying Farewell to Bob: A Twisted Turn of Fate" by Sherrie Gradin


"Cultural Studies and the Culture of Politics: Beyond Polemics and Cynicism" by Henry A. Giroux

"Who's Going to Cross the Border? Travel Metaphors, Material Conditons, and Contested Places" by Nedra Reynolds

"Ethos, Witness, and Holocaust 'Testimony': The Rhetoric of Fragments"
by Michael Bernard-Donals

"Negotiating the Differend: A Feminist Trilogue"
by Michelle Ballif, D. Diane Davis, Roxanne Mountford

"Beyond the Dialectic of Work and Play: A Serio-Ludic Rhetoric for Composition Studies"
by Albert Rouzie

Response Essays

"On the Merge of Writing and Theory" by Lynda Brodkey

"Parallel Lives/Speaking in Tongues" by Susan C. Jarratt

"Engaging Modernisms, Emerging Posthumanisms, and the Rhetorics of Doing"
by Thomas J. Rickert

"Quodlibeta on Agency and Other Virtual Matters: A Response to John Trimbur"
by Cynthia Haynes


"Rhetorical Bodies by Jack Selzer and Sharon Crowley, eds." by Bruce McComiskey

"Tropes of Politics: Science, Theory, Rhetoric, Action by John S. Nelson" by Susan Wells

"Post-Process Theory: Beyond the Writing-Process Paradigm by Thomas Kent, ed."
by Kevin J. Porter

"Feeling Power: Emotions and Education by Megan Boler" by Jennifer Driscoll

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