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"Private Satisfactions and Public Disorders: Fight Club, Patriarchy, and the Politics of Masculine Violence" by Henry A. Giroux

"Making a 'Difference' in/with/for 'Autobiography'" by Janice Hladki

"Painting as Rhetorical Performance: Joseph Wright’s An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump"
by Marguerite Helmers

"Geographical Designs: Rethinking Reform in the Humanities" by Daniel Mahala and Jody Swilky

"The Political Economy of Computers and Composition: 'Democracy Hope' in the Era of Globalization" by M.J. Braun

Response Essays

"Judith Butler, Professor of Rhetoric" by Sharon Crowley

"Contingency and Magnifying Glasses: A Response to Judith Butler" by Arabella Lyon

"Historicizing the Posthuman" by Alan W. France

Review Essays

"Diversity Matters" by Elizabeth A. Flynn

"Finding Voice in English Studies" by Catherine L. Hobbs


"Amid the Fall, Dreaming of Eden: Du Bois, King, Malcolm X, and Emancipatory Composition by Bradford T. Stull " by Shirley Wilson Logan

"Traces of a Stream: Literacy and Social Change Among African American Women by Jacqueline Jones Royster" by Juanita Rodgers Comfort

"Framing Identities: Autobiography and the Politics of Pedagogy by Wendy S. Hesford"
by Min-Zhan Lu

"Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, Paulo Freire" by Eric Weiner

"The English Department: A Personal and Institutional History by W. Ross Winterowd"
by Rebecca Moore Howard

"Writing/Teaching: Essays Toward a Rhetoric of Pedagogy by Paul Kameen"
by Patricia Donahue

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