Volume 23.3

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Special Cluster: On Difficult Prose

"Just Difficult Enough: Writers' Desires and Readers' Economies" by Susan Wells

"The Earned Increment: Kenneth Burke’s Argument for Inefficiency" by James L. Kastely

"Ethics and 'Bad Writing': Dialectics, Reading, and Affective Pedagogy" by Daniel Smith

"Manifesto as Theory and Theory as Material Force: Toward a Red Polemic" by Teresa L. Ebert


"An Affirmative Theory of Desire" by Christa Albrecht-Crane

"Rock and Hip-Hop in the English Arena: Reading and Resistance" by Larry Juchartz

"Wayward Inventions: He(u)retical Experiments in Theorizing Service-Learning" by Todd Harper, Emily Donnelli, and Frank Farmer

"Patriotism, Partisanship, and the Conscience of Conservative Scholars" by Donald Lazere


"City Comp: Identities, Spaces, Practices by Bruce McComiskey and Cynthia Ryan, eds." by Nedra Reynolds

"The Abandoned Generation: Democracy Beyond the Culture of Fear by Henry A. Giroux" by Kenneth J. Saltman

"Radical Departures: Composition and Progressive Pedagogy by Chris W. Gallagher" by Jason Arthur and Shari Stenberg

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