Volume 23.4

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"Writing Offshore: The Disappearing Coastline of Composition Theory" by Cynthia Haynes

"The 'Neglected' Question of Meaning: Toward a Consequentialist Philosophy of Discourse"
by Kevin J. Porter

"Constructing Disciplinary Space: The Borders, Boundaries, and Zones of English"
by Daniel Mahala and Jody Swilky

"Reading Composition Research: Toward an Affirmative Consumption of Work in Composition"
by Jeremiah Dyehouse

"Signs and Subjects: Revising Perspectives on College Writing Textbooks" by Victoria M. Tischio

Response Essays

"Whoa—Theory and Bad Writing" by Christa Albrecht-Crane

"Appreciating Difficulty: Resistance and the Ethics of Reading" by James L. Kastely

"Getting More Bang For Your Buck: The Erotics and Labor of Policing Theory"
by Marshall W. Alcorn, Jr.

"Desire and Immanence: The Difficulties of Post-Dualist Thought" by Daniel Smith


"The Terministic Screen: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film by David Blakesley, ed."
by John Muckelbauer

"Having a Good Cry: Effeminate Feelings and Pop-Culture Forms by Robyn Warhol"
by Dale Jacobs

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