Volume 24.1

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Special Cluster on Queer Theory

"Queer Composition(s): Queer Theory in the Writing Classroom"
by Jonathan Alexander and Michelle Gibson

"Queering the Contact Zone" by Jan Cooper

"Composing Bodies; or, De-Composition: Queer Theory, Disability Studies, and Alternative Corporealities" by Robert McRuer

"Risking Queer: Pedagogy, Performativity, and Desire in Writing Classrooms"
by Connie Monson and Jacqueline Rhodes

"Embracing AIDS: History, Identity, and Post-AIDS Discourse" by Paul Butler


"The Rhetoric of Academic Controversy after 9/11: Edward Said in the American Imagination"
by Matthew Abraham

"A Mind So Fine: A Tribute to Edward Said" by Mustapha Marrouchi

"Visual Rhetoric and the New Public Discourse" by Bruce McComiskey

"New Writers of the Cultural Sage: The Ethnographic-Self Reconfigured"
by Stephen Gilbert Brown

Response Essays

"Just Which 'Few People,' Anyway? A Response to Mark Bousquet" by Michael Murphy


"Defining Reality: Definitions and the Politics of Meaning by Edward Schiappa" by Kerri K. Morris

"Writing Machines by N. Katherine Hayles" by Byron Hawk

"Discourses in Place: Language in the Material World by Ron Scollon and Suzie Wong Scollon"
by Elizabeth Giddens

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