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Special Issue on Trauma and Rhetoric: Part 1

"The Girl in the Photograph: The Vietnam War and the Making of National Memory"
by Nancy K. Miller

"'Nobody's Children': Gothic Representation and Traumatic History in The Devil's Backbone"
by Ellen Brinks

"Trying to Transmit: Working Through the Educative Hermeneutics Implicit in Trials for Past Social Abuses" by Mario DiPaolantino

"Pedagogy and Clinical Knowledge: Some Psychoanalytic Observations on Losing and Refinding Significance" by Deborah P. Britzman and Alice J. Pitt

"Bringing it Home: Teaching, Trauma, Testimonial (on Elizabeth Stone's A Boy I Once Knew)" by Ross Chambers

"Without Sanctuary: Bearing Witness, Bearing Whiteness" by Wendy Wolters

"Testifying, Silencing, Monumentalizing, Swallowing: Coming to Terms with In Memory's Kitchen" by Rona Kaufman

"The Rhetoric of Trauma: Teaching about the Holocaust and Postmodern Affect in an Advanced Composition Course" by Robert D. Samuels

"Cyber-Spaces of Grief: Online Memorials and the Columbine High School Shootings"
by Maya Socolovsky

"Writing (and Doing) Trauma Study" by Timothy Richardson


"Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag" by John Schilb

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