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Special Issue on Complexity Theory

"An Interview with Mark C. Taylor" by Thomas Rickert and David Blakesley

"From Nodes to Nets: Our Emerging Culture of Complex Interactive Networks"
by David Blakesley and Thomas Rickert

"Toward a Rhetoric of Network (Media) Culture: Notes on Polarities and Potentiality"
by Byron Hawk

"To Do Justice To This Moment: Between Exhaustion and Totality"
by John Muckelbauer and Tim Donovan

"Networking the Unpredictable: The Lure of Complexity" by Edith Wyschogrod

"Network Theory and Life on the Internet" by John Johnston

"In the House of Doing: Rhetoric and the Kairos of Ambience" by Thomas Rickert

"Screening (In)Formation: Bodies and Writing in Network Culture" by Jennifer L. Bay

"Strange Loops as (Inter)Disciplinary Ecriture and Invention" by M. Todd Harper

"Snapshots of Complexity: Knowledge-Making and Negotiations in E-Rhetoric"
by Christine Tulley

"Violent Networks: Historical Access in the Composition Classroom" by Samantha Blackmon

"Complexity Theory and Evolutionary Discourse" by David Tietge

"In Defense of Grids: Academic Labor and Academic Freedom in the Moment of Complexity" by Thomas A. Discenna

Response Essays

"An Alternative Network Architecture: Sexing the Moment of Complexity" by Elizabeth Birmingham

"The Teleology of Complexity: A Response to Mark C. Taylor" by Michael Arner

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