Volume 25.3

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"Tripping Over Our Tropes: Of 'Passing' as Postmodern Subjectivity—What's in a Metaphor?" by Karen L. Kopelson

"After Derrida—Or the Science of an Oeuvre" by Mustapha Marrouchi

"On the Very Idea of Composition: Modes of Persuasion or Phases of Discourse?"
by Stephen R. Yarbrough

"In Defense of a Nation: The National Defense Education Act, Project English, and the Origins of Empirical Research in Composition" by Margaret M. Strain

"The Condition of the Writing Class: Capital, Composition, Writing, and the Proletariat"
by Stanley Harrison

"Resistance, Accomodation, or Haggling: Postcolonial Theory and International Business Communication" by Babak Elahi

"Teaching Work: Academic Labor and Social Class" by Bill Hendricks (unavailable online)

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