Volume 26.1-2

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"On the State of Race Theory: A Conversation with David Theo Goldberg"
by Susan Searls Giroux

"The Politics of Resentment" by Marlia E. Banning

"Celebrity, Literacy, the Alter Ego" by Jeffrey Rice

Response Essays

"Class Shifts" by Evan Watkins

"Class, Class Consciousness, and 'Good Teaching Jobs': A Response to Bill Hendricks"
by Bruce Horner

"Feeling Academic" by Jeffrey J. Williams

"History as the Path of Invention: A Response to Jeffrey Williams" by Christopher Carter

"Reservations: A Response to Karen Kopelson" by Pamela L. Caughie

"Putting Our Affective House in Order: Toward Solidarity Rather than Shame in Departments of English" by Eileen E. Schell

"Shame in Academe: On the Politics of Emotion in Academic Culture" by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

"Immigrant Act" by Ilene Crawford

"Reprosexuality, Queer Desire, and Critical Pedagogy: A Response to Hyoejin Yoon"
by Catherine Fox

"Theories of Affect and the Call for Practicality: A Response to Jenny Edbauer"
by Christa Albrecht-Crane

"The Trouble With Affect" by Laura R. Micciche

"A Chorus of Cynics and Provisional Ethics: A Response to Matthew Levy" by Lisa Langstraat

"Energies and Outbursts: A Response to Laura Micciche" by Jenny Edbauer

"Is There in Truth No Composition?" by Kevin J. Porter

Review Essays

"On Silence and Listening: 'Bewilderment, Confrontation, Refusal, and Dream'"
by Daphne Desser

"Academic Freedom, Professional Transparency, and Intellectualism in the Era of Globalization"
by Catherine Chaput


"The Poetics of Political Thinking by Davide Panagia" by Eve Wiederhold

"Calling Cards: Theory and Practice in the Study of Race, Gender, and Culture by Jacqueline Jones Royster and Anne Marie Mann Simpkins, eds." by Phyllis Mentzell Ryder

"Sexuality and the Politics of Ethos in the Writing Classroom by Zan Meyer Gonçalves"
by William P. Banks

"The Function of Theory in Composition Studies by Raúl Sánchez" by Daniel Smith

"Market Matters: Applied Rhetoric Studies and Free Market Competition by Locke Carter, ed."
by Mike Edwards

"(Re)Writing Craft: Composition, Creative Writing, and the Future of English Studies by Tim Mayers" by Marvin Diogenes

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