Volume 29.4

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"Youth in the Empire of Consumption: Beyond the Pedagogy of Commodification"
by Henry Giroux

"What is Pedagogy? Ethnographic Questions and Ethological Encounters" by Paul Cook

"Queer Rhetorical Agency: Questioning Narratives of Heteronormativity"
by David L. Wallace and Jonathan Alexander

Review Essays

"'It's Not You, It's Me': Psychoanalysis Answers 'What Do Students Need?' with a Pedagogy of the Reveal" by Ilene Crawford

"Bringing It Home: The Struggle for Public Space in Education" by Mary Ann Cain


"City of Rhetoric: Revitalizing the Public Sphere in Metropolitan America, by David Fleming"
by David Coogan

"Between Politics and Ethics: Toward a Vocative History of English Studies by James N. Comas"
by Jeff Ludwig

"Paul Ricoeur: Tradition and Interpretation in Rhetorical Theory by Andreea Deciu Ritivoi"
by C. Jan Swearingen

"Buying into English: Language and Investment in the New Capitalist World by Catherine Prendergast" by Brian Ray

"The Future of Invention: Rhetoric, Postmodernism, and the Problem of Change by John Muckelbauer" by Melanie Kill

"Acts of Enjoyment: Rhetoric, Žižek, and the Return of the Subject by Thomas Rickert"
by Kevin J. Porter

"Pluralizing Plagiarism: Identities, Contexts, Pedagogies by Rebecca Moore Howard and Amy E. Robillard, eds." by Sean Zwagerman

"Rethinking Racism: Emotion, Persuasion, and Literacy Education in an All-White High School by Jennifer Seibel Trainor" by William DeGenaro

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