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Special Issue on The Human-Animal Encounter

"From the Editor: Thinking With Cats (More, to Follow)" by Lynn Worsham

"The Rule of Thumb" by Tom Tyler

"The Moral Status of Animals and the Historical Human Cachet" by Rob Boddice

"Conceiving Person: Toward a Fully Democratic Critical Practice" by Cathy B. Glenn

"Uneasy Anthropocentrism: Cartesianism and the Ethics of Species Differentiation in Seventeenth-Century France" by Desmond Hosford

"Indexical Humans, Iconic Animals" by Stacy Rule

"Theory: Gone to the Dogs" by Priscilla Patton

"Heidegger, Captain Paul Watson, and the 'Look' of Leviathan" by Luanne Frank

"Derrida's Cat, the Infanta's Mastiff, and the Performative mise en scène of Pet Photo Booth"
by Jonathan W. Marshall

"Monkeys, Apes, and Bears, Oh My!: Illuminating the Politics of Human-Animal Relationship in Jill Greenberg's Monkey Portraits and Bear Portraits" by Nicole Merola

"Animal Athena: The Interspecies Metis of Women Writers with Autism" by Shannon Walters

"Shameless Freedom" by Kari Weil

"Horse Stories: Perverse Victimization" by Natalie Corinne Hansen

"Into the Wild: Response, Respect, and the Human Control of Canine Sexuality and Reproduction" by Karla Armbruster

"Anticipating Nostalgia, Securing Annabelle" by Amy Robillard

Review Essays

"'The Animal' is a Verb: Liberating the Subject of Animal Studies" by Sarah E. McFarland


Animal Encounters, by Tom Tyler and Manuela Rossini, eds." by Etienne Benson

"This is Not Sufficient: An Essay on Animality and Human Nature in Derrida, by Leonard Lawlor"
by Brooke Rollins

"Philosophy and Animal Life, by Stanley Cavell, et al." by Kevin O'Neill

"Humans Animals Machines: Blurring Boundaries, by Glen A. Mazis" by Jeff Pruchnic

"When Species Meet, by Donna J. Haraway" by Jane L. Carman

"Animal Capital: Rendering Life in Biopolitical Times, by Nicole Shukin" by Eduardo Mendieta

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