Volume 31.3-4

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"Barack Obama and the Resurgent Specter of Authoritarianism" by Henry A. Giroux

"Ironically, We Dwell" by Ryan Weber

"Neuroscience and the New Urgency of Emotional Appeals" by Brian Jackson

"Narratives, Metaphors, and Power-Moves: The History, Meanings, and Implications of
'Post-Process'" by John H. Whicker

"How Student Writers Develop: Rhetoric, Psychoanalysis, Ethics, Erotics"
by T.R. Johnson

"Questioning the Auditory Sublime: A Multisensory-Organic Approach to Prose Rhythm"
by Michael Duncan

Response Essays

"'Statistics Don't Bleed': Rhetorical Psychology, Presence, and Psychic Numbing in Genocide Pedagogy" by David A. Frank, Paul Slovic, and Daniel Vasfjall

"Quantifying Genocide: What Are We Really Counting (On)? by Emil B. Towner

"Exigency in Dispute: Global Warming and Uncertainty in Contemporary Rhetorical Criticism"
by Marlia E. Banning

"Critical Anthropomorphism in the 'Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction': A Response to Nicole Merola's 'Monkeys, Apes, and Bears, Oh My!'" by Bart Welling

"Toward a Relational Process Approach to Critical Practice" by Cathy B. Glenn

"Archival Writing" by Michael Bernard-Donals

"Portfolios, Learning, and Agency: Promises, Perceptions, Possibilities"
by Kathleen Blake Yancey

"What is 'Normal'? Defining Terms and Questioning Commonplaces in Public Policy Debates"
by Patricia A. Dunn

"Embodying/Disabling Plagiarism" by Amy Vidali

Review Essays

"Rhetoric and Ethics, Metaphysics and Alterity" by Marc C. Santos

"The Interconnected Worlds of Humans and Technology: Reassembling the Social, Re-imagining the Rhetorical" by Whitney Larrimore

"Nostalgia for What Never Was: If Only English Only Could"
by Daryl Lynn Dance and Frank Farmer

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