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Special Issue on Economies of Writing

"Introduction" by Bruce Horner

"Writing Economies, Activism, and Community Work" by Keith Gilyard

"Fieldwork, Take 10" by Ralph Cintrón

"The Economies of Writing Writ Large: The Rhetoric of Cultural Nationalism" by LuMing Mao

"Learning from the Cherokee Syllabary: A Rhetorical Approach to Media Research and Teaching"
by Ellen Cushman

"Economies, Identities, and Perceptions of Writing: Self-Portraits and Academic Writing Performance among Jamaican Students" by Vivette Milson-Whyte

"Students' Negotiations of English and Literacy in a Time of Social Change" by Rochelle Kapp

"Disciplinary Purification: The Writing Program as Institutional Brand" by Jeanne Gunner

"Time to Grow Them: Practicing Slow Research in a Fast Field" by Julie Lindquist

"Using Student Texts in Composition Scholarship" by Joseph Harris

"Economies of Signs in Writing for Academic Publication: The Case of English Medium 'National' Journals" by Theresa Lillis

Response Essays

"Writing After Print Captialism" by John Trimbur

"The Nature and Value of Work in Rhetoric and Composition" by Carrie Byars Kilfoil

"Responding to Branding via Writing Assessment" by Kathryn Perry

"Toward a Polyphonic Model of Student Coauthorship: A Response to Joseph Harris and Julie Lindquist" by Ben Wetherbee

"Disciplinary Resistance: Promoting Possibility for the Writing Program" by Amy Lueck

"Beyond the Politics of Despair: Imagining the Possibilities for Change" by Tika Lamsal and Hem Paudel

"The Watson Symposium: What Might We Be Missing? . . . and Why?" by Cynthia L. Selfe and
William C. Kurlinkus


"The Real and Fake Economies of Writing" by Deborah Brandt

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