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Special Issue on Rhetorics Regulating Childhood
and Children's Rights

Editors: Wendy S. Hesford and Katrina M. Powell

"Introduction: Facing Malala Yousafzai, Facing Ourselves" by Wendy Hesford

"Stolen Children, Identity Rights, and Rhetoric (Argentina, 1938-2012)" by Kerry Bystrom and Brenda Werth

"Converging Crises: Rhetorical Constructions of Eugenics and the Public Child"
by Katrina M. Powell

"Regulating Girlhood: Protecting and Prosecuting Juvenile Violence" by Wendy Wolters Hinshaw

"Recognizing Children: If All Recognition is Misrecognition" by Arabella Lyon

Transnational Feminisms

"Toward a Cogent Analysis of Power: Transnational Rhetorical Studies" by Rebecca Dingo, Rachel Riedner, and Jennifer Wingard

"Networking the Macro and Micro: Toward Transnational Literacy Practices" by Rebecca Dingo

"Assembling Houston: Writing and Teaching the Neoliberal City" by Jennifer Wingard

"Transnational Environmental Justice Rhetorics and the Green Belt Movement: Wangari Muta Maathai's Ecological Rhetorics and Literacies"
by Eileen E. Schell

"Contradictions of Progress: Visions of Modernity, Infrastructure, and Labor in Late Nineteenth-Century Ecuador"
by Christa J. Olson

"Lives of In-Famous Women: Gender, Political Economy, Nation-State Power and Persuasion in a Transnational Age" by Rachel C. Riedner

Response Essays

"Rhetorics in a Museum Space: Connecting Exhibit Spaces, Contexts, and Audiences"
by Lisa King

"The 'Good Teacher' of Composition: Toward a Genealogy of Emotion" by K. Hyoejin Yoon

"Reflecting on Feminist Rhetorical Studies and the Covert Rhetoric of Anita Loos"
by Suzanne Bordelon

"Embodying Heuristics: Tagmemics, Complexity, and Flow" by Byron Hawk

"Reinterpreting Enthymemes to Include the Nonverbal" by Keith Llyod

"Not to the Sensual Ear: Listening to Jensen Listening to Ratcliffe Listening to Burke"
by Debra Journet

Review Essays

"Mapping 'Memoryscapes': Reconfiguring the Theoretical Terrain of Rhetoric and Memory"
by Tammie M. Kennedy

"Conversations in Great Time: The Dialogues of Martin Luther King, Jr." by Cedric Burrows and Frank Farmer

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