Volume 4

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"Editorial" by Tim D. P. Lally

"Composition and the Empirical Imperative" by Ralph F. Voss

"Essay Thinking: Empty and Chaotic" by Judith Kirscht and Emily Golson

"The Teacher as Philosopher: The Madness Behind Our Madness" by Lil Brannon

"Linear Composing, Discourse Analysis, and the Outline" by Glenn Mattot

"Thinking and Writing: A Sequential Curriculum for Composition" by Karen I. Spear

"Freud, Weber, and Durkheim: A Philosophical Foundation for Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences" by Karen B. LeFevre and T. J. Larkin

"Linguistic Descriptions of Speaking and Writing and their Impact on Composition Theory" by John S. Schafer

"The Role of Audience in Chaim Perelman's New Rhetoric" by Richard Long

"Autobiography and Audience" by Lynn Z. Bloom

"Reading and Writing for Engineering Students" by Charlene M. Spretnak

"When We Dead Awaken: Reviving Metaphor in Medical Writing" by Robert E. Bjork

"Writing as Learning and the Superior Student" by Francelia Clark

"Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs: Theory and Practice, a Selected Bibliography"
by C. W. Griffin

"Convention as Transition: Linking the Advanced Composition Course to the College Curriculum"
by Leslie Moore and Linda Peterson

"Developing Content for an M.B.A. Communications Class" by Annette N. Shelby


"Writing from a Legal Perspective by George D. Copen" by Bernice W. Dicks

"The Present State of Scholarship in Historical and Contemporary Rhetoric by Winifred Bryan Horner, ed." by Rick A. Eden

"Writing Poetry by Barbara Drake" by John Gilgun

"Writing in the Social Sciences by Joyce C. Steward and Marjorie Smelstor" by David A. Joliffe

"Technical and Business Communication in Two-Year Program by W. Keats Sparrow and Nell Ann Pickett, eds." by Nancy Roundy

"Courses, Components, and Exercises in Technical Communication by Dwight W. Stevenson"
by Jack Selzer

"New Essays in Technical and Scientific Communication: Research, Theory and Practice by Paul V. Anderson, R. John Brockmann, and Carolyn R. Miller, eds." by Elizabeth Tebeaux

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