Volume 9

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"Social Construction and Composition Theory: A Conversation with Richard Rorty"
by Gary A. Olson

"Genders of Writing" by David Bleich

"Ties That Bind: Ancient Epistolography and Modern Business Communication" by John Hagge

"Some Difficulties with Collaborative Learning" by David W. Smit

"Applying Martin Greenman's Concept of Insight to Composition Theory" by Rosemary L. Gates

"The Legacy of Positivism in Empirical Composition Research" by Carol Berkenkotter

"Another Competing Theory of Process: The Student's" by Kate Ronald and Jon Volkmer

"Purpose and Composition Theory: Issues in the Research" by Nancy Roundy Blyler

"Narrative Topic and the Contemporary Science Essay: A Lesson from Loren Eiseley's Notebooks" by Joseph J. Comprone

"Preoccupations: Private Writing and Advanced Composition" by Susan Hilligoss

"'Shades of Deeper Meaning': On Writing Autobiography" by Mary Jane Dickerson

"Fictional Scenarios and Rhetorical Specification in Writing Tasks: A Cautionary Note"
by Roger D. Cherry

"School-Sponsored and Self-Sponsored at the Same Time" by Marilyn Sternglass

"Advanced Composition and the Computerized Library" by Christine Hult


"The Art of Reasoning by David Kelley" by Joseph Williams

"Politics of Letters by Richard Ohmann" by John Clifford

"Freire for the Classroom: A Sourcebook for Liberatory Teaching by Ira Shor, ed."
by John Schilb

"The Contemporary Writing Curriculum: Rehearsing, Composing, and Valuing by Roland Huff and Charles R. Kline, Jr." by Ginny Pompei Jones

"The Word for Teaching is Learning: Essays for James Britton by Martin Lightfoot and Nancy Martin, eds." by Richard C. Gebhardt

"Teaching Prose: A Guide for Writing Writing Instructors by Fredrick V. Bogel and Katherine K. Gott;schalk, eds." by Andrea A. Lunsford

"The Writing Teacher's Sourcebook by Gary Tate and Edward P. J. Corbett, eds."
by Judith Summerfield

"Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition by Winifred Bryan Horner" by William A. Covino

"The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field by Stephen M. North" by Karen I. Spear

"Composition Research: Empirical Designs by Janice M. Lauer and J. William Asher"
by Carol Berkenkotter

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