Listen to the Interviews

In 1989, JAC editor Gary Olson initiated a series of scholarly interviews with some of the world’s most eminent intellectuals in order to explore the role that rhetoric, writing, and theory played in their intellectual work. The objective was to open a dialogue between these thinkers and scholars of rhetoric. If in fact one of the key insights of postmodern thought is that rhetoric and epistemology are inextricably intertwined, then it seemed incumbent on the journal to sponsor that important dialogue.

Since the series began, Olson and his colleagues have conducted 27 interviews, which were published in JAC and in a number of book collections. While Olson conducted the majority of the interviews, occasionally with a co-interviewer, the journal has commissioned guest interviewers to conduct some of them.

The original cassette tape audio recordings were digitized in 2006. Future interviews will be added as they become available.

Gloria Anzaldúa Clifford Geertz J. Hillis Miller
Mary Belenky David Theo Goldberg Chantal Mouffe
Homi Bhabha Temple Grandin Avital Ronnell
Judith Butler Stuart Hall Richard Rorty
Noam Chomsky Donna Haraway Gayatri Spivak
Donald Davidson Sandra Harding Mark C. Taylor
Jacques Derrida bell hooks Jane Tompkins
Michael Eric Dyson Luce Irigaray Stephen Toulmin
Stanley Fish Ernesto Laclau Slavoj Žižek
Paulo Freire Jean-François Lyotard